Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Teenage Abortion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Teenage Abortion - Research Paper Example In olden days, ancient people used natural abortion practices when cases involving health complications and emotional immaturity to save a mother’s life (Soranau’s Gynecology) (Bull.  Acad.  Natl.  Med.  171  (8):1027–32). In 21st century, with the increasing urbanization and industrialization, the number of girls, who visit the clinic for abortion, is extremely high. According to the National Abortion Organization, nearly one million teenagers become pregnant each year and 78 percent of these teenage pregnancies are unintended. A practice, which is used to save a mother’s life on olden days, is now became big concern as teenagers started thronging into the clinics because of unwanted pregnancies. There are several reasons behind girls choosing abortion. It is the responsibility of all educated to empower teenage girls to stay away from the activities that helps unwanted pregnancies. As teenagers who are carrying an unwanted pregnancy are visitin g clinics without any parental notification for abortion, empowering teenagers regarding the implications of unwanted pregnancy will prevent teenage abortions. Teen Abortion has always been most controversial subject in nature. I feel, this is attributable to the well known fact that majority of the people have got different set of beliefs that are inherited from the religion and society. Some people say teenage abortion is wrong but some enunciate it is right under some circumstances. As per the statistics of National Abortion Federation, 80 out of 100 Americans have sex before 20 years of age. The average age of a girl, who loses her virginity is around 17 years. This is the main reason behind the teen abortions in America. There are a very few cases where girls under 15 years of age become pregnant due to forceful sex and they will not have any option but to choose abortion. Teen abortion was legal in all states before 1991. The law in a

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