Monday, December 30, 2019

Bulimia Nervos A Psychological Disease - 1186 Words

Bulimia Nervosa Introduction Bulimia nervosa is one kind of most observe digestion disease in which generally person eat large amount of food within short period of time. After taking food ,after person feel eiltty ownself so person try remove the excess food from body or sometime person do the long fasting and excessive amount of exercise (book). However, many author describe bulimia nervosa as a psychological disease (Rushing, Jones, Carney,2003). This disorder more frequent present in young female particular when female reaches as puberty time. Classification Bulimia nervosa can be classified into two major sub type (Rushing, Jones, Carney,2003) which is described below here 1. Non-purging 2. Purging Non-purging: The name of this class of bulimia nervosa indicts that patient does not do any kind of purging. But patient try to use different activity for reduce or burn the excess calories by using more fasting and many time patient do excess amount of the exercise. By this way patients indirectly harm ownself. Purgin : in this class of bulimia nervosa, patient try to remove ingest food from the body . Most of case, patient do the self-vomiting for removal of the food. However some time also use the laxatives and diuretics Biological factor The following biological factor affect on the bulima nervosa such as 1. Disturbance in neurotransmitter level (serotonin) 2. Disturbance in protein level (leptin) Disturbance in neurotransmitter

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