Friday, January 31, 2020

Professional Learning Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Professional Learning Experience - Essay Example 70). Realizing the challenges I have to face in socialization and conflict resolution, I decided to focus Professional Learning Experience (PLE) at addressing the dilemmas of profession and its humane aspects. Awareness is the first step towards overcoming professional inadequacies and shortfalls. In many professional settings and situation, I found myself in tight spots, where it was hard to draw a line between my responsibilities as a nursing professional and the demands of social decorum. Overcoming such issues in professional career is of significant importance, in a society, hyper sensitive on the display of professional approach and social values in perfect mix. The professional socialization goal identified in this connection includes, conflict resolution, overcoming dilemmas, and role identification for nurse based on the rationale of ethics, values and social expectations. Kozier et al. (2008) presents the broad description of these goals of professional socialization and st ates, â€Å"The education of professional involves a complete socialization process, more far reaching in its social and attitudinal aspects and its technical features than is usually required in other kinds of occupation† (p. 17). ... The occurrence was reported a little late in time and when we rushed to the spot, things have already gone worse than affordable in isolation ward. Patients were gathered around a patient, speaking laud and violent. The patient was not ready to hear any argument and was insisting on his claim of being mishandled and mistreated. There were also signs of personal grudge towards the nursing staff that has been handling the case. Susan immediately grabbed his hand and patted it lovingly while asking him to cool down and drove him to a corner where she can hear his stance in private. She assured him of getting possible assistance, in getting his point over to physician and administration for reconciliation. Soon, she managed patient’s agreement over a peaceful and graceful dialogue. The patient was a retired army officer and looked genuinely hurt over the issue. Susan managed to convince him on a detailed description of his reservations. This patient told her the backdrop of the si tuation from his perspective and complaint against the behavioral shortcomings and inadequacies of the nursing staff, while Susan provided very mild and easygoing explanations to some of the professional intricacies and limitations under the circumstances. Susan was successful in pursuing the patient for a shift in isolation ward while assuring him on redress of grievances. She also manages to get his agreement over filing a written complaint of the incident. The incident had a great deal of learning for me and I closely watched various actions, behaviors and gestures which Susan has applied to overcome the conflict. Specially, her skills in convincing the patient on peaceful negociations were

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