Wednesday, February 12, 2020

My Legends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

My Legends - Essay Example What happened to me in sixth grade was just a spot of my bad history the real beginning was in junior high school. After graduating from primary school, I went to the fourth junior high school in the city. This was the best school in my hometown, but it was also famous for bad boys and girls. Most bad students from my city came to this school. There were three grades and I made several new friends who always wanted to play. I usually go with them and we played together every day. In China, we can’t smoke and go to the entertainment places. However, I started to smoke and was able to go to internet clubs with them. Sometimes we fight with other students for any reason, so some students were scared of us and treated us as bad guys, but we were not the worst students. Even though I always did bad things, my grade was a little good. I was good at English and Math, and I always got in the first three ranks. At the same time my parents began to work on their own company, so they har dly had time for me, and I started to behave worse. Actually, I thought I would have a party time without my parents’ control over me, but it didn’t take long. One day, I went to the internet club, as usual, not knowing that my mother followed me;. she criticized me and pulled me home. As a punishment, my parents made me kneel for three hours to reflect on what I did. Another occasion, my father learned from his friend that I also involved myself in fighting in the streets, so I was again punished for it.

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